Over a drink with... @Chloeandyou

Interview JNPR x Jolly Mama @chloeandyou on 06/09/2022

Chloé Hennequez aka @Chloeandyou, mother of little Romy is expecting her second child. Instagram blogger and content creator. We discover her universe filled with sweetness, her vegetarian recipes, her life as a mother with her companion Anthony, her favorites. We were able to chat with her about the aperitif during pregnancy...

  • Introduce yourself in a few words
I am Chloé, from the Instagram account @chloeandyou , I am the mother of a little Romy and pregnant with my second child. On the networks I share our vegetarian recipes, our slow way of life, a little decoration and responsible fashion and all that always around ecology, the impact that our daily life can have. And I also produced a recipe book with the help of my husband, which will be released at the end of the year.

  • How many months are you?
I am 5 months pregnant. It's crazy how for the second baby, we pay less attention!

  • How are you feeling ?
To be honest, I haven't really had time to sit down and devote myself to my pregnancy, but overall it's going pretty well! I intend to take more time for myself from this summer. Besides, I have a great doula who must also pass on some advice to my boyfriend so that he can relieve my little words of pregnancy.

  • The ideal aperitif for you in 3 words?
3 words, uh: Good homemade mezzes, a nice cocktail and friends, of course!

  • Your favorite cocktail is...
I don't really have a favorite cocktail, I like them not too strong in alcohol and not too sweet. By the way, I recently discovered the Mama Gimlet cocktail from the JNPR x Jolly Mama ebook made with raspberries and basil, I'm a fan!

  • Why did you accept this partnership with JNPR x Jolly Mama?
I discovered these two brands a few years ago, they are brands that I love and that embody values ​​that are close to my heart such as well-being, the healthy side. So it was obvious!

  • The funniest situation during your pregnancy...
It's not really “funny” but it's something I had dreamed of for this second pregnancy, to be pregnant at the same time as a close friend and it is. We can talk about these subjects, confide in each other and it feels good.

  • Any advice for expectant mothers?
Trusting yourself, letting yourself be carried away and not wanting to control everything. And above all, above all, think about yourself, because a fit mum is a happy baby!

  • The final word ?
As I said just before, take care of yourself, take full advantage of this beautiful bubble that is pregnancy, it's a unique parenthesis in our lives as women!

E-book "9 months (and more) without alcohol" available here

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