A dark mocktail for Black Friday

A "dark" cocktail for Black Friday

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you an exclusive and original recipe which is not yet out of stock, and which is worth robbing on this Black Friday!

Special Black Friday edition: The Expresso Martini, more commonly known to us as the SPRSS MRTN because we remove the vowels from the names of our cocktails like we remove the alcohol!


40 ml JNPR No. 1

15 ml chestnut honey syrup

30ml cold espresso coffee


In a goblet or a martini glass, pour JNPR n°1, the honey and the coffee, and mix. For the honey syrup, you can dilute 4 parts honey to 1 part water, or serve half a teaspoon of honey directly in the glass if you don't have time to prepare the syrup in advance.

At JNPR, our ambition is to reinvent the aperitif by offering alcohol-free spirits, and to revive your taste buds with our authentic and fun alcohol-free cocktails.

JNPR n°1 is made in France, without alcohol, therefore, but above all without any sugar. It allows you to make cocktails that were very difficult to make until now in an alcohol-free format, with a beautiful aromatic complexity.

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4 sugar-free tonics - Les Softs à Papa photo
4 sugar-free tonics - Les Softs à Papa
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Elderflower syrup - Bacanha
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+ 2 bottles of Fever Tree Tonic
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4 sugar-free tonics - Les Softs à Papa photo
4 sugar-free tonics - Les Softs à Papa
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