Our 4 tips for making excellent non-alcoholic cocktails

The trend of mocktails , another name for mocktails , has grown considerably in recent years.

Why do we love and recommend? We can drink without moderation, share excellent moments, without other consequences, while having fun. Some versions of non-alcoholic cocktails also have nothing to envy from the taste point of view of their alcoholic referents.

For some people who can't drink alcohol, it helps to not feel left out, but also to have more choices during festive times. For others, it allows you to alternate during an evening.

But how do you make good non-alcoholic cocktails ?

We give you lots of advice in this article, and end by giving you ideas for alcohol-free cocktail recipes .

Let's go !

Our 4 tips for making excellent non-alcoholic cocktails

1. Prepare your stock of ice cubes

2. Pay attention to the presentation of the glasses

3. Choose ingredients with as little sugar as possible, and homemade preparations

4. Do not neglect the final decoration

1. Prepare your ice cubes

  • Prepare your stock of ice cubes! Cocktails are always best chilled. For some cocktails, do not hesitate to completely fill your glass with ice cubes (if they float, it means that there are not enough ice cubes!);

  • Each cocktail has its own type of ice cubes, so follow the recommendations carefully! With a tonic, for example, do not hesitate to completely fill the glass with ice cubes. The same goes for non-alcoholic Spritz, or non-alcoholic Moscow Mule. For non-alcoholic Bloody Marys, we put the ice cubes in the glass used to make the mixtures, but then we filter the ice cubes so that none remains in the glass used for tasting. For a Negroni-type cocktail, the ideal is to have a fairly large cube, which refreshes the preparation while diluting more slowly;
  • You can decorate your ice cubes by adding, for example, mint leaves or edible flowers to the water when you fill the tray before putting it in the freezer;
  • For very transparent ice cubes , boil the water for the first time, covering it, and leave to cool for the first time, then bring the water back to the boil to allow it to cool again (always covering well);

  • Finally, it is not always practical but do not prepare your cocktails in advance! Have all your ingredients ready and wait until the last moment. Good cocktails are prepared just before being served.

2. Pay attention to the presentation of the glasses

  • As for traditional cocktails, and in general what we eat or drink, the visual must first please and is important;
  • The presentation of alcohol-free cocktail glasses must be neat: choose suitable glasses, ideally depending on the cocktail you want to make: tumbler for alcohol-free Mojitos for example, whiskey glasses for alcohol-free Negroni, balloon glasses for Spritz alcohol-free …;
  • For a more festive look, you can frost your glasses. To frost your cocktail glasses , take egg white or lemon juice that you will place on a plate. Dip the edges in it and do the same with sugar. For a colorful and gourmet icing , swap the egg yolk for fruit syrup. Our advice: leave your glasses in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before making the icing and pouring in the mocktail;
  • To meet a request that we receive regularly: to make layers of colors in your cocktail , there is this basic rule: pour the liquids from the sweetest to the least sweet .

3. Use ingredients that are natural and not too sweet

  • The problem with mocktails is that they can quickly be too sweet. Some non-alcoholic spirits in particular have a limited or zero dose of sugar, and can give a more intense and sophisticated taste to preparations. They allow to bring a more sustained taste and aromas in your drinks. Spicy, woody, floral notes, there is something for everyone;
  • Depending on the recipes, you will choose fruit juices of your choice: try as much as you can to make homemade juices: fresh grapefruit juice for example, fresh lime juice. Remember to filter them before serving;
  • Do not hesitate to add a few hints of spices or flower water for original creations.

4. Add a final decoration

  • Finalize the preparation by decorating your alcohol-free cocktails with so-called "garnish", which can be mint, basil or rosemary leaves for example;

  • You can still think of very thinly cut fruit slices. Use for example lemon zest that you will place on the edge of the glass. Also opt for red fruits that you will put directly in the drink. Of course, you can choose the fruit you like;

  • Otherwise, small fruit skewers will also bring their charm for a successful cocktail decoration .

Examples of easy-to-make alcohol-free cocktails

Do you lack inspiration? Here are some ideas for non-alcoholic cocktails to make during an after-work party, a relaxing weekend or an aperitif with friends:

  • Virgin Mojito : this is the alcohol-free version of the famous rum mojito. We find the original flavors of the drink except that it does not contain alcohol;
  • Gin tonic without alcohol: ideal to start the evening, or to mark the beginning of the weekend; it is less caloric than the traditional version, and very easy to make;
  • Smooth Pina Colada : the famous drink made from pineapple purée and coconut cream also exists in an alcohol-free version;
  • Virgin Mary : The Bloody Mary in its non-alcoholic form . Here, we leave aside the vodka while enjoying the spicy and spicy note of the cocktail;
  • Virgin Margarita : Cocktail lovers have embraced the non-alcoholic margarita . Something to reinvigorate after a hard week of work!
  • Virgin Daiquiri : bananas, strawberries, peach, lychees, lemon juice, there are many versions of daiquiri without alcohol. Our tip for perfuming: a dash of non-alcoholic spirits.

On this site, you will find on this cocktails page some detailed recipes for alcohol-free cocktails.

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