Summer is coming... and the world is changing!

For several years, the trend of healthier consumption has taken over more and more. More and more people are looking for healthy products, paying more attention not only to body shape and physical appearance, but also to their health. As the old saying goes, “Treat your body as if it were a temple”. And that is exactly what is happening.

Therefore, the trend of non-alcoholic aperitifs is growing stronger and stronger, characterized no longer by the classic mixes of fruit or sweet drinks, but by non-alcoholic cocktails such as Spritz or Gin Tonic without alcohol.

The arrival of summer clearly increases the demand for cool cocktails to beat the heat. In the same way that there are alcoholic cocktails that symbolize "refreshment" such as the Mojito, JNPR, with its e-book of recipes, offers a wide selection of fresh and healthy cocktails , alcohol-free and low in sugar.

As you know, the objective of JNPR is precisely this: to renew the aperitif, by offering a healthier and more sophisticated alternative thanks to JNPR n°1 , a distillate of juniper berries and apple completely without sugar, and its BTTR n°1 , a non-alcoholic bitter that will upset your routine!