Où tester JNPR n°1?

Where can you try JNPR n° 1?

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Before the confinement, I would have answered you: "soon, in all the best places; -" ... With the confinement, we were not able to canvass the bars, wine shops, hotels, restaurants, delicatessens, as we expected. planned to meet ....


To be honest, I doubt we can do that quickly, because even if they are going back to business in June, I don't know, given the context, if they will be looking to introduce new products quickly ... We had also planned to organize tastings ... but when can we do it?


Since mid-February, we've been on the menu at one of the 50 best bars in the world, the "1930" ... but it's in Milan! We are also referenced in several bars in Italy.


However, I find that this request to taste, before buying, is perfectly legitimate.  This is the reason why we have decided to sell our small sizes, 200 ml. We actually have very few of them, they are quite expensive to produce in addition, but this allows I hope to remove a first barrier.


I also try to publish on social networks the opinions and tasting notes that I receive, in order to be able to answer as precisely as possible to your questions on this subject.


In short, it's not easy for us to get started in this unprecedented period, but we are trying to adapt, and I am obviously open to all your suggestions and proposals.