Alcohol-free punch recipe

The non-alcoholic punch is the convivial drink par excellence, perfect for aperitifs and dinners with friends. To please everyone, we make an alcohol-free punch whose preparation is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Ingredients ( For 1L of Punch)

- 1/2 bottle of JNPR n°2

- 35 cl of herbal tea with red fruits

- 15 cl of raspberry syrup (or grenadine)

- 15 cl lemon juice (preferably fresh)

Our opinion:

A cocktail to share, ultra friendly, ideal for lunches and aperitifs with friends in the summer!


Fill a large carafe with ice cubes

Add 1/2 bottle of JNPR n°2

Then add 35cl of red fruit herbal tea

Then add 15cl of lemon juice

Finally, 15cl of raspberry syrup (or grenadine)

Stir everything well with a spoon.

You don't know JNPR yet?

We are a French brand of premium non-alcoholic spirits whose ambition is to reinvent the aperitif. We are the most internationally awarded French brand for the taste of our creations, while being particularly vigilant about sugar.

JNPR No. 2 is our alcohol-free and sugar-free spirit. 0.0% alcohol. On the nose, we suspect the spicy side that is coming. On the palate, a beautiful harmony between ginger and pepper. The pepper subtly comes to wake up the whole"

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