1 month without alcohol: are you following us?

1 month without alcohol, you've been thinking about it for months, without ever getting started ?

According to a study published by a British university in January 2019, a month without alcohol would allow you to find a more qualitative and restorative sleep: 71% of participants said they slept better. But that's not all! 54% of participants saw beneficial effects on their skin, and 58% saw weight loss*.

Who are we?

Flavio, and Valerie. We launched JNPR n°1, an alcohol-free and sugar-free spirit with the following challenge: to maintain, even without alcohol, excellent mixology properties. JNPR n°1 is made in France, and our ingredients are carefully selected. We distill our spices and botanicals in a traditional copper pot still.

Flavio is the pro of the gang: owner of one of the 50 best bars in the world, highly recognized and respected in the cocktail world. In short, the one you would have suspected chaining the Gin & tonics. In reality he prefers Vodka.


Valérie, mother of 3 children including two twins, you think she has the classic profile to order Mister Cocktails with grenadine. The reality is that she wonders how the others manage to chain real Mojitos, Dolipranes at 3 in the morning, and alarm clocks at 7.


Why now?

A few months ago, we launched JNPR n°1, and more recently, BTTR n°1 (a special collaboration made in Italy, with always 0.0% alcohol): we received a lot of positive comments , messages of encouragement, and above all we understood that many, far from the clichés, wanted just like us to have a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing their social life.


We always tend to push back this kind of challenge: because we have trouble convincing our loved ones and we don't see ourselves doing it alone, because we have a festive occasion not to be missed in the month, or because we don't want to sacrifice the moment of relaxation that the aperitif constitutes in our stressful lives, especially after this very special year that we have just experienced.

" Many, far from the clichés, just like us wanted to have a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing their social life"

We also know that confinement may have led to an increase in your alcohol consumption. Try to complete the challenge! To accompany you, we have an e-booklet with 1 recipe per day of non-alcoholic cocktail, enough to bring diversity to your aperitifs! In the end, you keep the good times, we just change the ingredients!


Mon Panier

OPTION MOINS DE CARTON : participez à une démarche éco-responsable !

Your packages will be shipped with the boxes in which we received our production. Individual bottles will be packaged in corrugated cardboard and kraft paper. 3 bottle boxes will be sent without a box.

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4 sugar-free tonics - Les Softs à Papa photo
4 sugar-free tonics - Les Softs à Papa
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Elderflower syrup - Bacanha photo
Elderflower syrup - Bacanha
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+ 2 bottles of Fever Tree Tonic
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+ Measuring cup of copper bar/"Jigger"30/50 ml
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4 sugar-free tonics - Les Softs à Papa photo
4 sugar-free tonics - Les Softs à Papa
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