Are you looking for a fruity and very Instagrammable non-alcoholic drink?

Here is the Pink JNPR, an ultra colorful non-alcoholic cocktail perfect for your aperitifs!

This mocktail is very refreshing based on grapefruit juice and cranberry known for its virtues against urinary tract infections.

It will impress your guests. A healthy cocktail to serve chilled!

Ingredients :

- 40 ml JNPR n°1 alcohol-free and sugar-free spirits

- 40 ml of fresh grapefruit juice

- 40ml canberry juice

- Optional: edible flowers for decoration

Preparation :

In a tumbler glass (low) filled with ice cubes, pour JNPR n°1, the filtered grapefruit juice, the cranberry juice and stir with a spoon before serving.


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