This is not mulled wine (recipe of the month)


Here is our recipe for non-alcoholic mulled wine, designed to warm you up on these wintery days and accompany you throughout the December festivities! Friendly and warm, our non-alcoholic mulled wine can be prepared in an individual or collective version. A great idea for an alcohol-free aperitif for a family Christmas!

Ingredients (for 5 glasses):

20 cl of BTTR N°1

10 cl of honey

15 cl of black grape juice

25 cl of water

8 orange peels

8 cloves

Recipe sequence:

In a container suitable for a bain-marie, pour the grape juice, BTTR n°1 , water and honey.

Add the cloves, cutting them with a knife.

Add the orange peels and mix.

Place this container in a saucepan filled with water. Heat until the water in the pan begins to simmer. Pour into a glass, filtering out the spices and peels.

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