Discovery Pack: 1 bottle of JNPR n°1 (70cl) + 1 bottle of BTTR n°1 (70cl)

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Try our two non-alcoholic liquors (both with 0.0% alcohol), at a reduced price. 

The secret of JNPR? A copper still, in which we distill all our botanicals. JNPR n°1 is composed of juniper berries, coriander, cardamom, and apple, a nice nod to its Norman origins. 

Without forgetting our bouquet of spices and botanicals allspice, cinnamon, ginger, cubeb, quassia amarra, angelica seed which gives JNPR a unique taste.  Best served with a tonic, Ginger Ale, or in cocktail. 

BTTR n°1 is the result of a special collaboration with an Italian distillery in Milan, which benefits from a unique know-how in the creation of "bitters" Best served with sparkling water, or in cocktails, such as Spritz, Americano or Negroni.

BTTR n°1 est notamment composé d’orange douce, d’orange amère, de citron, de gentiane, de rhubarbe, de réglisse et de cannelle. Il est le fruit d'une collaboration spéciale avec une distillerie italienne située en Lombardie.  JNPR n°1 est notamment composé de baies de genévrier, de coriandre, de cardamome et de pomme, joli clin d’œil à ses origines normandes.
Nutritional information
Nutritional values for JNPR n°1 (per 100 ml): Calories: 0 kj/0kcal, Lipids: 0g of which 0g saturated, Carbohydrates: 0g of which 0g sugars, Protein: 0g, Salt: 0g. Nutritional values for BTTR n°1 1 (per 100 ml): Calories: 128 kcal, Lipids: 0g of which 0g saturated, Carbohydrates: 32g, Protein: 0g, Salt: 0g.
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Tired of overly sweet alternatives?

“The bouquet of botanicals, quite present in the mouth, reveals exquisite flavors when combined with a good tonic or in a cocktail”

Le Figaro Magazine

Non-alcoholic spirits, is this possible?

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Discover JNPR Collection

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Benoit Lemaistre
Pack à apprécier sans modération !

Le plaisir de l'apéritif sans l'alcool ni le sucre !
Rapidité de livraison et super conseils de cocktails je suis fan !

Marie Aubert
Mon cocktail 🍹 sans alcool

Belles bouteilles, goût agréable !
J'ai repris plaisir à me faire un petite apéro et le tout en bonne conscience car sans alcool. Je pense continuer à me faire plaisir sans remords même après ma grossesse ! Merci JNPR❤️

Très bonne alternative à l'alcool !!!!

Adepte du BTTR N°1 (spritz habituellement) cette alternative est bluffante !!
Et mon épouse adepte du JNPR N°1 donc tout le monde est content

Sandrine Russier
Belle découverte, malgré le prix un peu élevé du pack...

Nous avons fait un cocktail avec un tonic hibiscus, du citron vert et des glaçons : bon et très frais.
Je regrette cependant le prix élevé : pour un cadeau d'anniversaire, ça passe mais pas pour en acheter tout au long de l'année.

Sylvie Lefevre



What does JNPR mean?

JNPR pronounces itself "Juniper", in order to highlight the main ingredient of JNPR n°1, the juniper berry ("Juniper berry"), and the promise of a drink based on herbs and spices. In the blink of an eye to its specificity, the vowels disappeared, as did the alcohol.

Is JNPR n°1 a gin?

JNPR n°1 is not a gin. The bouquet of spices we use is similar to a traditional bouquet for a Gin, but we distill it differently.

How do you taste JNPR n°1, BTTR n°1 and JNPR n°2?

Our three references are intended for the preparation of cocktails. For JNPR n°1= Best served with tonic, ginger beer, or in cocktail. BTTR n°1 is served with sparkling water, or as a cocktail, especially for a Spritz or a reinvented Negroni. For JNPR n°2= Best served with tonic, ginger beer, or in cocktail. Direction for use: pour 1/4 of BTTR n°1 into your preparations. To help you prepare great cocktails, we have published several recipes on the COCKTAIL page of this website.

Is JNPR n°1 really sugar-free?

JNPR n°1 has NO sugar, and NO sweetener, which has been a strong commitment since the beginning, when we started working on the recipe.

Do JNPR n°1, BTTR n°1 and JNPR n°2 contain alcohol?

JNPR n°1, BTTR n°1, and JNPR n°2 contain 0.0% alc/vol.

What are your ingredients?

We cannot reveal our recipes in the direction of the manufacturing process, but we are completely transparent about the botanicals we use in our hydrolats: For JNPR n°1: Juniper berries, coriander, jamaican pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cubeb, green cardamom, quassia amarra, angelica seed, and apples. For BTTR n°1: Gentian, quinquina peel, bitter orange, sweet orange, rhubarb, liquorice, cinnamon, lime juice, and elderberry. For JNPR n°2: ginger, green cardamom, Jamaican pepper, and hot pepper. If you are unsure of these ingredients, we encourage you to consult a health professional prior to any consumption of JNPR n°1, BTTR n°1 and JNPR n°2.

Is it possible to drink JNPR n°1, BTTR n°1 and JNPR n°2 during pregnancy?

JNPR n°1, BTTR n°1 and JNPR n°2 contain 0.0% alcohol and there are no specific contraindications. Each woman being special, we publish the list of our ingredients above in this FAQ. If you are in doubt about the latter, we encourage you to consult a health professional before any consumption.

Have more questions? Read the remaining FAQs here