Negroni sans alcool

This is not a Negroni

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Since its creation, the Negroni has been an iconic cocktail that has appeared on our aperitif tables. This November, we are offering you our new alcohol-free Negroni recipe with our number 1 VRMH. Simple to make in just a few minutes, it's the one you need if you like Italian aperitifs.

40 ml VRMH n°1

20 ml JNPR n°1

10 ml BTTR n°1

Recipe sequence:

In an old fashioned glass (short drink) filled with ice cubes (or, even better, a cubed ice cube), add BTTR n°1 , JNPR n°1 and VRMH n°1 . Mix gently.

Finally, as a final touch, garnish everything with an orange zest. This detail will not only visually enrich the cocktail, but will also provide a surprising olfactory experience.

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Good tasting ! 🍸