This is not a Paloma

JNPR n°3

Here is a non-alcoholic cocktail made with grapefruit, a revisited version of the famous cocktail which has its origins in Mexico: the non-alcoholic Paloma ( "dove" in Spanish) . It will please with its pretty visual appearance and its very refreshing taste!

- 25ml lemon juice (yellow)
- 20ml of homemade sugar syrup (to measure according to your taste)
- 40ml of JNPR n°3
- 40ml of grapefruit juice (pressed or purchased)
- 60ml of sparkling water
- Grapefruit wedge


Squeeze a fresh lemon, filter.
In a long drink glass, pour JNPR n°3 , the lemon juice, the sugar syrup, and the grapefruit juice. Mix with a spoon. Add ice cubes, complete with sparkling water. Mix gently. Add a grapefruit wedge for decoration.

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