This is not a Piña Colada


For 1 glass:

Ingredients :
- 40 ml of JNPR n°2 , our sugar-free and alcohol-free spirit

- 40ml coconut milk

- 40 ml of pineapple juice

- Mint leaves for garnish

Preparation :
Add ice cubes, coconut milk (previously mixed), pineapple juice and JNPR n°2 to a shaker. Mix vigorously. Pour everything into a glass. Add a bunch of mint leaves for the finishing touch.
The cocktail tip at home: if you don't have a shaker, don't panic! You can use an empty jam jar, no one will notice the difference 😉

The story of this cocktail:

It was created in 1954 by Ramon Monchito Marrero, bartender of a hotel in Puerto Rico. The latter wanted to bring together all the flavors and smells of Puerto Rico in a single cocktail… and it was a success! The drink immediately met with phenomenal success with hotel guests, and later, all over the world!


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