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JNPR No. 2

A very easy recipe to make, with only 3 ingredients

- 50 ml of JNPR n°2 , our alcohol-free and sugar-free spirit

- Juice of half a lime

- 100 ml of ginger ale/Ginger Beer with or without sugar (find the sugar-free Ginger Beer available on our site here )

Our opinion:

A very easy cocktail to make, which is very popular for its freshness. Ideal for an aperitif, but also to accompany a meal. Ginger goes particularly well with JNPR n°2, this cocktail is a gem and we receive a lot of positive comments about it




Fill a glass with ice cubes, pour in JNPR n°2, then the juice of half a lime. Mix, and add the Ginger Beer.

Option: add fresh mint to decorate!

Don’t know JNPR yet?

We are a French brand of premium non-alcoholic spirits whose ambition is to reinvent the aperitif. We are the French brand most awarded internationally for the taste of our creations, while being particularly vigilant on sugar.

JNPR n°2 is notably composed of ginger and pepper, and contains no sugar or sweetener. To make it, no chemical process: we distill our spices in a traditional copper still, without using alcohol at any point in the production process. 

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