JNPR n°1 and BTTR n°1 silver medalists!

Our two creations have just been awarded at the ISW Meininger's International Spirits Awards 2021: silver medal for JNPR n°1 and silver medal for BTTR n°1 . I am delighted to see that our work is rewarded in a beautiful way.

The selection criteria are appearance, smell and taste. The balance of aromas, in correlation with the fine and natural taste of our non-alcoholic drinks, made it possible to satisfy the jury and to see us awarded these prizes.

So many essential criteria for making a successful non-alcoholic cocktail !

These medals are in addition to those obtained previously: the gold medal for Design awarded in London by The Spirits Business and the bronze medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2021 for JNPR n°1 ; the silver medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2021 for BTTR n°1 .

I would like to thank our two excellent distilleries which, through their remarkable work, contribute greatly to the success of JNPR , to offer you the possibility of making high quality alcohol-free aperitifs.