JNPR launches... CKTL! 🔥


CKTL is a ready-to-drink alcohol-free Moscow Mule with the taste of ginger beer, lime and our JNPR n°2 alcohol-free spirit. Ready to taste but we keep the basics of JNPR: a bar quality cocktail, very little sugar and always without alcohol.

It took months of development in collaboration with Flavio Angiolillo, one of the best bartenders in the world, to obtain this 0.0% alcohol cocktail, all in a portable format, made from JNPR n°2 .

You can enjoy this non-alcoholic cocktail from home or take it everywhere with you!


For those who never have the ingredients but who want to have fun with a real quality alcohol-free cocktail and reduce their sugar consumption as part of a diet, a desire to lose weight, health problems or a healthier lifestyle. But also all JNPR fans who have the choice between a Moscow Mule without alcohol to make yourself or in a ready-to-drink version.

Something to put the cocktail in your mouth 😉


It is available in a (very) limited edition on our e-shop (sold by 6)

Are you a professional and are you interested in this novelty?

Write to us quickly at hello@jnprspirits.com

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