This is not a Mojito

JNPR No. 2


30 ml JNPR n°2
8 mint leaves
The juice of half a lime (15 ml)
10 ml Sugar syrup
45ml Ginger Ale
Crushed ice (with a towel)


A mint leaf


Pour the sugar syrup into the bottom of the glass. Add the lime, then the mint (the whole leaves without tearing them). Moisten the mint in the liquid, taking care not to damage it. Add JNPR #2, crushed ice, Ginger Ale. Using a bar spoon, stir gently before serving.


You know, it was THE cocktail of Hemingway. It seems perfect to us to mark the beginning of the beautiful days... or, the rest of the year, to remember our summer evenings near the fireplace.

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