Spring cocktail

JNPR No. 2

Discover this perfect non-alcoholic cocktail to welcome spring as it should be! Refreshing and easy to make, here is the recipe:  

Ingredients for 1 glass:  

  • 40 ml of JNPR n°2
  • 20 ml of grapefruit juice  
  • 10 ml lime juice  
  • 30 ml of tonic ( with or without sugar )
  • 10ml sugar syrup  
  • For decoration, pretty edible flowers or half a slice of grapefruit  

Squeeze the lime and grapefruit separately, and filter. In a Tumbler glass (long drink) filled with ice cubes, pour JNPR n°2, the juices, and the sugar. Stir with a spoon and top with tonic.  

Decorate with pretty edible flowers (or a slice of grapefruit) and enjoy.  

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