What is Sober October?

It's alcohol-free month!

sober october

In a society where we attach more and more importance to our health and our well-being, and in a world where we like challenges, Sober October has established itself as THE challenge of the 'year !

The challenge ?

Stop drinking a drop of alcohol for 31 days from October 1. What a way to spend a Halloween evening… in complete sobriety (at least until midnight!).

For who ?

And good for everyone! For everyone who can never drink, for everyone who can't drink anymore , for everyone who doesn't want to drink anymore , and then for everyone who just wants to challenge themselves (and see what they are capable of)!

For what ?

The question is rather: “and why not? ". You are fed up with the aftermath of difficult evenings and excesses of all kinds, you called your ex back in the middle of the evening because you overdid it, you gained weight, you sleep badly, you worry about your health and you don't want to end up drunk like your uncle at every family meal...? How about taking a month off and adopting a healthier lifestyle?

The benefits ?

According to a study from the University of Sussex, stopping drinking alcohol, even for a few days, significantly improves the quality of sleep (with all the beneficial consequences that ensue), the quality of the skin and also leads to weightloss. Indeed, drinking alcohol can activate a part of the brain that controls hunger, so you are more likely to feel hungry during or after drinking!

A month of sobriety can also have noticeable long-term effects, including controlling and moderating your alcohol consumption, having a lot more energy on a daily basis, as well as a stronger immune system (and yes , maybe the repeated colds this year weren't because of the cold, but because of the excessively alcoholic evenings every weekend!)

How ?

You don't want to replace your alcoholic beverages with drinks filled with sugars and additives, but you don't feel like giving up your appetizers either? Don't panic, our sugar-free and alcohol-free spirits are there for that! Click here to discover a multitude of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes to make at home without depriving yourself and in 2 minutes flat!

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4 sugar-free tonics - Les Softs à Papa
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4 sugar-free tonics - Les Softs à Papa photo
4 sugar-free tonics - Les Softs à Papa
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