3 alcohol-free punch recipes that will delight your taste buds this summer!

non-alcoholic punch recipe

When the summer days set in, we all look for ways to cool off and enjoy moments of conviviality with friends or during family gatherings. And what better way to do that than with a punch recipe? Yes... but a non-alcoholic punch. Because everyone should be free to choose whether or not to drink alcohol, while enjoying a festive moment at aperitif time! Today, we are delighted to present to you not one, but three original recipe ideas for alcohol-free punches to share. Three cocktail recipes that will delight your taste buds and those of your guests this summer!

Whether you're longing for a getaway to Greece with our "Destination Paros" punch, a tropical expedition with the "Rising Sun" punch, or a summer dream with the "A Midsummer Night's Dream" punch, our spirits without alcohol will give you a stunning taste experience. These three punch recipes to share are super easy and the advantage is that they can be prepared in advance before your guests arrive! Handy when you have little time!  

Recipe 1: Punch without alcohol “Destination Paros”  

Punch without alcohol: Destination Paros
Ingredients (for 6 people):    

🌱 350 ml of JNPR n°1 (fresh and herbaceous alcohol-free and sugar-free spirits) for a perfect base,

✨ 350 ml of lemonade: a light effervescence that refreshes the taste buds,  

🫖 1.5 L of green tea: an infusion with vegetal notes that immediately transports you to Athena's secret gardens,  

🍬 Sugar cubes (225g or less according to your preferences): a touch of subtle sweetness that harmoniously balances the flavors,  

🍋 2 lemons: their sunny zest and tangy slices will bring an extra ounce of sunshine to your glass,  

🌿 Mint leaves: a fragrant bouquet reminiscent of the scents of the Mediterranean hills.

Recipe flow:  

Brew green tea in hot water and let it cool. Book. Make homemade lemonade if you prefer to make your own. Rub a few sugar cubes on the lemon until they turn yellow. Dissolve these pieces in the cooled green tea, mixing well. Cut the lemons into slices. In a carafe, add the 350 ml of JNPR n°1 , the lemonade, the mint leaves and the green tea preparation. Top up with more than a dozen ice cubes for a chilled non-alcoholic punch. Gently mix all the ingredients. Serve in glasses filled with ice cubes and garnish with fresh mint leaves for decoration. We toast?  

_______ ____

Recipe 2: “Rising Sun” alcohol-free punch

Non-alcoholic punch: Rising Sun
Ingredients (for 6 people):  

🌿 700ml of JNPR n°1 , our alcohol-free and sugar-free spirit, for a perfect base,  

💥 130ml of JNPR n°2 , a second of our alcohol-free and sugar-free spirits, for an explosion of flavors,  

🍓 40ml of raspberry syrup (or grenadine) for a fruity and colorful touch,  

🍬 150g of sugar for a hint of sweetness,  

🍊 20ml orange juice for a tangy note,  

🍋 Slices of a lemon and slices of an orange,  

🍍 Pieces of a peeled pineapple, for an extra ounce of exoticism.  

Recipe flow:  

Squeeze oranges and strain the juice. In a carafe, add JNPR n°1 , JNPR n°2 , orange juice, raspberry syrup and sugar. Mix all the ingredients carefully. Add the slices of lemon, orange and pineapple pieces. Top with a dozen ice cubes to keep your punch chilled. Gently mix all the ingredients for an even distribution of flavors. Serve in glasses filled with ice cubes and enjoy!  


Recipe 3: Punch without alcohol "A Midsummer Night's Dream" 

Non-alcoholic punch: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Ingredients (for 6 people):  

🌿 300 ml of BTTR n°1 , a perfect base for fresh and herbaceous notes,  

💥 300 ml of JNPR n°2 , for an explosion of flavors without alcohol,

🍊 300 ml orange juice, for a sunny tangy touch,

🍷 600 ml of black grape juice, for a fruity and intense sensation,

🌬️ 600 ml of sparkling water, to bring a slight effervescence,

🫐 600 g of blueberries, for a delicious explosion of colors and flavors,  

🍋 300 ml of lemonade, for a lemony and sparkling note,

🍇 1L of white grape juice, to top it all off.

Recipe flow:  

Squeeze oranges, filter. In a jug, add BTTR #1 , JNPR #2 , orange juice, grape juice and lemonade. Add sparkling water and blueberries. Fill with more than ten ice cubes. Mix, serve and... toast!  

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