Aperitif and pregnancy: incompatible? Spoiler: the answer is no!

When you are pregnant, aperitifs can sometimes lack fun. But that was before ! You will finally be able to enjoy your aperitifs and say "bye-bye" to the eternal tomato juice!

JNPR and Jolly Mama, a nutrition brand dedicated to women, have teamed up to bring you an e-book of mocktail recipes specially designed for pregnant women.

JOLLY MAMA is a nutrition brand created by 2 women, Marie and Margaux. Their inspiration is their lives, their babies, their children, their sisters, their mothers, it's YOU. They consider that each woman is different, and that each “moment” of a woman's life requires that we imagine specific products. Whether you have a baby project, whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding and need to feed yourself for 2, whether you need to recharge postpartum, you will find in this e-booklet, advice, tips for pregnancy, breastfeeding as well as non-alcoholic cocktail recipes, but with a taste just as sophisticated as your favorite cocktails. 10 cocktail recipes declined in mocktail version to reinvent the aperitif for pregnant women.

Some are very simple to make, others are more elaborate and out of the ordinary. We hope you enjoy this diversity as much as we do!

Discover the e-book here

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