Where to find JNPR in Lyon?

Where to find JNPR in Lyon?

Many of you have asked us for a list of our points of sale in Lyon, here they are:

At your local wine merchants and delicatessens:

    • In the 2nd arrondissement:
      • Maison Malleval, 11 rue Emile Zola 
      • Grocery store Madame, 5 rue Palais Grillet 
      • Jalys co , 11 Rue STE HELENE  
      • La Maison du Marron, 11 rue de la Charité 
      • La cave Chromatique, 35 rue de la Charité 
      • FFA, 35 quai Saint-Antoine
    • In the 3rd arrondissement:
      • Cave 0 Papilles, 97 avenue Maréchal de Saxe 
      • Spaces part god, 2 place de franquefort 
      • In the 5th arrondissement:
        • Cavavin, 6 quai Fulchiron
      • In the 6th arrondissement:
        • The art of choices, 49 rue Ney
      • In the 7th arrondissement:
        • Aromo, 36 rue Pasteur
        • The perfumery, 77 rue Montesquieu
      • In the 8th arrondissement:
        • Gilles Granger, 15 rue Antoine Lumière

    You can also find us in the rest of the Lyon region:

    • Original Drinks, 85 rue de la République 69220 Belleville en Beaujolais 
    • Le Brassin, 17 rue Pierre Carbon 69270 Fontaine sur Saône 
    • La Cave de Brindas, 43 rue du Vieux Bourg 69126 Brindas 
    • Cave la Grappe, 8 place Maréchal Foch 69630 Chaponost 
    • La Cave des gones, 2 rue du Colonel Robert Guillaud 69530 Brignais 
    • La Maison de Zoé, 5 grande rue, 69110 Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon
    • Cave du Moulin Villefranche, 1525 route de Frans, 69400 Villefranche sur Saone
    • Cave du Moulin Civrieux-d'Azergues, Les arcades shopping center, Route de Lozanne, 69380 Civrieux-d'Azergues

    Each point of sale does not necessarily have our three references and we are not aware of their updated stock.

    Do not hesitate to call in advance to avoid any disappointment!

    You can also purchase our creations directly from our e-shop . Delivery is very fast.

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