A non-alcoholic grapefruit-based cocktail, perfect for summer

A very easy recipe to make, with only 3 ingredients

- 30 ml of BTTR n°1 , our alcohol-free bitters from a collaboration with an Italian distillery

- The juice of half a grapefruit

- 100ml sparkling water

- A slice of grapefruit

Our opinion:

A very easy cocktail to make, which is very popular for its citrus notes. Ideal for summer, this non-alcoholic summer cocktail is ultra refreshing with lovely citrus and grapefruit notes


Pour BTTR n°1  then the juice of half a fresh grapefruit. Then add ice cubes to the glass and dilute it with sparkling water. Add a slice of grapefruit or a basil leaf for decoration

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We are a French brand of premium non-alcoholic spirits whose ambition is to reinvent the aperitif. We are the most internationally awarded French brand for the taste of our creations, while being particularly vigilant about sugar.

BTTR n°1  is our non-alcoholic spirit from a special collaboration with an Italian distillery. 0.0% alcohol. “Beautiful aromas of gentian, cinnamon and bitter orange, a length in the mouth focused on bitterness. The best of Italy in a drink that reveals itself with a simple dash of sparkling water”

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