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“The bouquet of botanicals, quite present in the mouth, reveals exquisite flavors when combined with a good tonic or in a cocktail”


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Discovery Pack: BTTR n°1 & JNPR n°2

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The JNPR Story

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What does JNPR mean?

JNPR pronounces itself "Juniper", in order to highlight the main ingredient of JNPR n°1, the juniper berry ("Juniper berry"), and the promise of a drink based on herbs and spices. In the blink of an eye to its specificity, the vowels disappeared, as did the alcohol.

Is JNPR n°1 a Gin?

JNPR n°1 is not a gin. The bouquet of spices we use is similar to a traditional bouquet for a Gin, but we distill it differently.

How do you taste JNPR n°1, BTTR n°1 and JNPR n°2?

Our three references are intended for the preparation of cocktails.

JNPR n°: best served with tonic, ginger beer, or in cocktail.

BTTR n°1: best served with sparkling water, or as a cocktail, especially for a Spritz or a reinvented Negroni.

JNPR n°: best served with tonic, ginger beer, or in cocktail.

To help you prepare great cocktails, we have published several recipes on the Cocktail page of this website.

Are JNPR n°1 & JNPR n°2 really sugar-free?

JNPR n°1 & JNPR n°2 have no sugar, and no sweetener, which has been a strong commitment since the beginning, when we started working on the recipe.

Do our products contain alcohol?

JNPR n°1, BTTR n°1, JNPR n°2 & CKTL contain 0% alc/vol.

What are your ingredients?

We cannot reveal our recipes in the direction of the manufacturing process, but we are completely transparent about the botanicals we use in our hydrolats:

For JNPR n°1: juniper berries, coriander, jamaican pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cubeb, green cardamom, quassia amarra, angelica seed, and apples.

For BTTR n°1: gentian, quinquina peel, bitter orange, sweet orange, rhubarb, liquorice, cinnamon, lime juice, and elderberry.

For JNPR n°2: ginger, green cardamom, Jamaican pepper, hot pepper and juniper berries.

If you are unsure of these ingredients, we encourage you to consult a health professional prior to any consumption of our products.

Is it possible to drink our products during pregnancy?

Our products contain 0.0% alcohol and there are no specific contraindications. Each woman being special, we publish the list of our ingredients above in this FAQ. If you are in doubt about the latter, we encourage you to consult a health professional before any consumption.

Have more questions? Read the remaining FAQs here
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