BTTR No. 1 receives another gold medal in San Francisco!

BTTR n°1, our non-alcoholic spirit has just won a gold medal at the San Francisco SFWSC international competition.

Resulting from a special collaboration with an Italian distillery, this is not his first victory ! It also won the Gold Medal at Paris Cocktail Spirits last year, as well as the prize for the best innovation 2021

This prestigious spirits competition is the most respected in the world , thanks in large part to the quality of its judges. The icing on the cake: BTTR n°1 received the highest distinction with a Double Gold medal, awarded only when there is unanimity of the jury, which makes it one of the best spirits in the world. (Our ranking here)

This type of distinction encourages us to always raise the bar to offer you a quality aperitif with this non-alcoholic drink to make mocktails at home.

BTTR n°1 , it's our little darling, the one that shows that you can have a nice complexity , a superb length in the mouth , because of its very advanced bitterness which confuses the senses and could give the impression that it is a bitter even though it contains 0.00% alc/vol.

Perfect for enjoying your favorite non-alcoholic cocktails like the famous Americano, Spritz or Negroni, without compromising on taste.

It is notably composed of sweet orange, bitter orange, gentian, and cinnamon. It is revealed simply with a dash of sparkling water: add a few ice cubes, and you have your aperitif for this summer!

For a little more complexity in your alcohol-free cocktail recipes, here is a delicious alcohol-free Negroni recipe developed by one of the best bartenders in the world based in Milan:

This is not a Negroni

- 20 ml of JNPR n°1

- 20ml of BTTR n°1

- 40 ml of white grape juice

Negroni without alcohol

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Good tasting !

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