This is not a Sour


- 70 ml of JNPR n°1 our alcohol-free and sugar-free spirit

- 15ml of honey

- 15ml lemon juice

- 20ml of aquafaba (chickpea cooking water which allows foaming)

Our opinion:

A non-alcoholic cocktail with an airy and light side. Ideal for making a rather elaborate and sophisticated alcohol-free cocktail with sweet notes of honey.


In a shaker filled with ice cubes, pour JNPR n°1 , honey syrup, lemon juice and aquafaba (the traditional version is made with fresh egg white, not recommended for pregnant women). Shake vigorously. Remove the ice cubes and shake again using the shaker. Serve in a cup.

Tip: first dilute the honey with water to make it more soluble.

You don't know JNPR yet?

We are a French brand of premium non-alcoholic spirits whose ambition is to reinvent the aperitif. We are the most internationally awarded French brand for the taste of our creations, while being particularly vigilant about sugar.

JNPR n°1 is our very first non-alcoholic and sugar-free spirit. 0.0% alcohol. “A floral and refreshing taste, without any sugar. The main note is clearly juniper berries, with a fresh and herbaceous side"

This is not a Sour

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