3 easy and festive alcohol-free recipe ideas for the end of year celebrations

Looking for THE perfect non-alcoholic drink for your end-of-year party tables and aperitifs without having to make alcohol an obligation?

Discover three recipe ideas for non-alcoholic cocktails for lighter parties.

Recipe #1: Cinnamon Sour  

The Sour, a non-alcoholic cocktail, harmonizes the acidity of lemon with the delicate warmth of cinnamon, for a drink that is both festive and elegant. 

Ingredients (for one glass): 
  • 25ml homemade cinnamon syrup (directions below)  
  • 15ml lemon juice  
  • 30ml pomegranate juice  
  • 40ml of JNPR n°2 
  • 10ml of BTTR n°1 
  • 1 egg white

Preparation : 

In a saucepan, start by preparing the homemade cinnamon syrup by bringing 500g of sugar, 500g of water and three small cinnamon sticks to the boil. After boiling, remove from the heat and let the cinnamon infuse until cooled, then filter and set aside in the refrigerator.  

In a shaker, add the ingredients and add ice cubes. Shakez.  

In a cup (or Old Fashioned short drink), pour with double filtration to remove ice cubes and deposits.  

Add a slice of dehydrated lemon and/or cinnamon powder to complete the look.  


Recipe no. 2: Alcohol-free Mulled Wine  

Let yourself be transported by the magic of our alcohol-free Mulled Wine. It offers a warm and friendly experience, perfect for your Christmas festivities. The advantage is that it can be prepared in an individual or collective version. A great idea for an alcohol-free aperitif for a family Christmas!  

Ingredients (for one glass): 

  • 20 cl of BTTR N°1 
  • 10 cl of honey 
  • 15 cl of black grape juice 
  • 25 cl of water 
  • 8 orange peels 
  • 8 cloves 

 Preparation : 

In a container suitable for a bain-marie, pour the grape juice, BTTR N°1 , water and honey.

Add the cloves by cutting them with a knife, then the orange peels and mix. 

Place this container in a saucepan filled with water. Heat until the water in the pan begins to simmer. 

Pour into a glass by filtering. 

Good tasting ! 

Photo: @healthycooklife


Recipe #3: “This is not champagne”  

 Looking for a non-alcoholic alternative to champagne? Ideal for those who want something festive even without alcohol, this alcohol-free cocktail will amaze everyone during the holidays. A great aperitif idea for pregnant women or people who drive, without compromising on the pleasure of celebrating.  

Ingredients (for one glass): 

  • 40 ml of JNPR n°1 
  • 50ml Ginger Ale 
  • 50 ml of white grape juice 

Preparation : 

In a glass or flute of champagne, pour JNPR n°1 , the white grape juice and the ginger ale. 

Carefully add ice cubes. Mix gently with a spoon before serving. 

Good tasting !

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