The benefits of a month without alcohol

The benefits of a month without alcohol
In this article, we will come back to the main benefits of a month without alcohol, in particular on sleep, skin, and weight gain.
According to the most regularly cited study on the benefits of a month without alcohol, carried out by the University of Sussex, here are the 5 main conclusions of the latter on people who have achieved a month without alcohol:
  • 88% saved money
  • 71% realized they don't need a drink to have fun
  • 71% slept better
  • 58% observed weight loss
  • 57% improved their ability to concentrate

Find the source of this study at the bottom of this article.

A proven effect on sleep:
If we often hear remarks that alcohol accelerates sleep, in reality it disrupts sleep cycles, especially in the second part of the night.
This study published on this blog also shows the harmful effects of alcohol on sleep:

These elements indicate that the more you drink, the less you recover during sleep, regardless of age (this study was calculated for a weight of 80kg)

Beneficial effects on the skin:

According to several studies, excessive alcohol consumption would lead to aging of the skin, and can also lead to inflammatory effects.
The links between alcohol and weight loss:
By slowing down the elimination of fat, and by disturbing the feeling of satiety, alcohol can have an impact on weight.
Find the University of Sussex study:
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