BTTR n°1 best innovation 2021 of the Bar Des Innovations

BTTR n°1, in addition to winning the gold medal from Cocktails Spirits Paris, Spirits Free category, won the medal for the best innovation of the year 2021 from the bar of innovations on Friday, September 3.

This medal was awarded after tasting all the first places in each category: what pride!

The Spirits Free stands out from its category, and shows that it has its place on the bar scene in France.

If you haven't tasted BTTR #1 yet because you were skeptical about non-alcoholic spirits, I hope this medal succeeds in convincing you to give it a try!

BTTR n°1 is our little favourite, the one that shows that you can have great complexity, superb length in the mouth, even at 0.0% alc/vol.

It is the one that allows you to lower the alcohol level of your Spritz, or to align them in reinvented mode (look at our recipes on the Cocktails page of our site), or to perfect your Negroni without alcohol by combining it with JNPR No. 1.

BTTR n°1 is our creation that makes me think that we are still at the beginning of everything we can do in the category of non-alcoholic spirits. Thank you to the Cocktails Spirits Paris and Liquid Liquid team for this great reward!

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