The new generation of spirits will be sustainable, sugar-free and alcohol-free


The new generation of spirits will be sugar-free and alcohol-free, and we explain why:

  • Search for a healthier diet and lifestyle, marked in particular by the success of the Yuka application;a;
  • A drinks and spirits sector that is slow to adapt: too much sugar, or too much alcohol, ultimately a limited choice;é;
  • An ever greater appetite for cocktails, their unique taste, and the ritual that surrounds them;
  • Alcohol-free spirits resulting from the distillation of plants and spices which succeed in having a very subtle, balanced taste, a taste of "adult" in a way;
  • 28 of 18-25 year olds say they no longer consume alcohol, and the trend is growing among older generations Dry January;ry…);
  • Increased importance given to the origin of the ingredients, to Made in France, and to having an eco-responsible packaging.e.

You want to know more We indicate below the link to several articles which evoke this growing trend::

Le Monde: "Without alcohol, the new bar code"

For a long time without much taste interest, alcohol-free cocktails have carved out a place of choice among consumers. Because these drinks, now made from very aromatic distillates, have nothing to envy of their alcoholic counterparts..

Le Figaro: "JNPR a new French spirit without alcohol"



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