Alcohol-free aperitif guide: which JNPR to choose?

JNPR No. 1, JNPR No. 2 and JNPR No. 3

For an alcohol-free aperitif that suits you, trust your palate. Let us guide you to the one that will sublimate all your alcohol-free aperitifs and that will match your desires 👇

Here is a summary table of the aromatic notes specific to each product:

Which JNPR to choose?

JNPR No. 1

JNPR n°1 - The authentic: fresh and herbaceous (70 cl) 🌿

JNPR n°1 is much more than a refreshing non-alcoholic drink, it is a true embodiment of the freshness of nature. Alcohol-free, sugar-free and Made in France, each sip offers you a subtle and perfectly balanced taste experience, honoring the natural ingredients that compose it.

In this aromatic landscape, JNPR n°1 is close to an alcohol-free gin, where juniper berry , coriander, cardamom and apple mingle harmoniously , a nice nod to its Norman origins. It is also this juniper berry (the main ingredient of gin), which brings this fresh and herbaceous touch to your cocktails.

JNPR n°1 can be enjoyed like a classic spirit in a cocktail or simply with ice cubes and tonic (or our sugar-free tonics) .

JNPR No. 2 JNPR n°2 - The original: ginger and spices (70 cl) 🌶️

JNPR #2 is the one for you. A spicy non-alcoholic drink that will awaken your palate and that of your guests at aperitif time.

Sugar-free, alcohol-free and Made in France, it is distilled from natural ingredients such as ginger, cardamom, allspice and chilli.

Its atypical taste personality will transport you in a tasting with a lot of character and will surprise you with its powerful aromatic notes with a nice balance between pepper and ginger, all enhanced by subtle notes of cardamom and this famous “kick” of chilli.

JNPR No. 3 JNPR n°3 - Botany: verbena and juniper berries (70 cl) 🌱

JNPR n°3 , a real invitation to awaken the senses. This alcohol-free botanical novelty, fresh and subtle, harmoniously combines juniper berry and verbena, acclaimed for its pleasant lemony scent.

Some even detect a slight taste of mint or even tangerine. Still without added sugar, it is an extremely refreshing drink, and thus, perfect for the summer. Enjoy moments of relaxation and conviviality by tasting JNPR n°3 lengthened with tonic or in a cocktail. With its unique character, this 3rd creation in our sugar-free range is aimed at curious palates, free spirits and epicureans in search of atypical taste experiences. 

BTTR No. 1

BTTR n°1 - The aromatic: bitter and intense (70 cl) 🍊  

BTTR n°1 is the perfect choice for lovers of intense flavors and bitterness. This alcohol-free spirit, resulting from a collaboration with an Italian distillery, is similar to an Italian bitter called bitter and harmoniously combines orange, lemon, gentian, rhubarb, liquorice and cinnamon to create a unique alcohol-free bitters (it's a bartender's favourite, by the way!)  

From the first tasting, you will be surprised by the bitter orange, then by the gentian which brings this slight subtle bitterness, by the sweetness of the rhubarb and the warmth of the liquorice. Cinnamon completes the whole thing by bringing a touch of sweetness.

You choose ! And if you want to try them all, nothing better than to treat yourself to our collection box , a complete alcohol-free cocktail kit, ideal for varying the pleasures and creating even more cocktails. To inspire you, we regularly provide you with non-alcoholic cocktail recipes on our site. So we just have to wish you a good tasting!

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