A taste of Gin?

"A taste of Gin, without sugar, without alcohol": this expression describes in the simplest possible way the somewhat crazy bet in which we launched ourselves a few months ago.

In fact, when we started to think about the recipe, we didn't think it was imperative to look like a Gin. We did not want to be the degraded version, the "diet" version, without smell or flavor, of a drink that would be, because alcoholic, much more subtle.

We wanted to prove that we can make very beautiful things, sophisticated, spicy, without sugar, and without alcohol. JNPR is not alcoholic, then dealcoholized in the sense that we would take the alcohol out at the very end, we have  a separate manufacturing process, in which we distill our botanicals. 


But what is the taste of JNPR At the beginning, I replied by describing the very floral, Mediterranean taste, the length in the mouth ....

 "But still" ... So obviously, with the juniper berry as the main ingredient, the blend of botanicals, the closest taste if you are looking to make connections ... it may well be that of Gin, to speak like a Norman..

I understand that there is a reassuring side to being able to make associations and not take a big leap into the unknown by tasting JNPR n1..

I also understand when I am told that what most resembles Gin is not the taste, but the ritual, or even that it really resembles Heindrick's Gin when mixed with a tonic; -..


I understand, because I think the taste is very personal. Finally, this description: "a taste of Gin, without sugar, without alcohol", has the defects of its qualities:it is certainly reductive, but it allows us to easily grasp the essence of the project. I would be really happy to hear your thoughts on this subject.



Further additions to this article:

To complete, you will find below the comment of Sarah, of the group Gin Lovers in France:

"I admit I was a little skeptical about the taste that a non-alcoholic gin can give, but I was very pleasantly surprised at how subtle gin and gin like JNPR are. The juniper shines brightly and it there are floral notes too, which makes it light and refreshing. Even my husband declared it "perfectly acceptable" - praise indeed! The JNPR Mule was particularly successful and the alcohol was not really lacking " .

And the review by @shakehoms Bordeaux:

"The first nose is very intense, we have no aggression linked to alcohol since it is at 0, which is, I admit, pleasant! Strong aromas of hot spices emerge! Cumin , saffron, turmeric and coriander hit you then..

After aeration, the herbaceous and fresh side highlights these spices. We close our eyes in a field of flowers strewn with young ferns. I understand butterflies!

In the mouth, the product surprises us! A natural apple acidity is to be noted as an English candy but not sweet .. the aromas of turmeric and juniper come to coat the mouth.

The finality is extremely long! More than 15min. Beautiful scents of pine resin provide all the structure and persist in the mouth.

JNPR is a still little known alcohol-free product. It offers a multitude of extremely interesting flavors to explore raw or in harmony in cocktails ".


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