e-recipe booklet:fresh & healthy cocktails

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e-book (60 pages)

  • Recipes produced by recognized mixologists, some of the best in the world
  • Easy-to-make recipes, so you can make excellent cocktails at home
  • Tips and tricks to enhance your cocktails and improve their presentation
  • A digital format very easy to consult wherever you are, also from your phone
  • Regular and free updating the booklet, especially with cocktails for the end of year celebrations

Customer Reviews

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Michel Grenut
Des spiritueux sans alcool de qualité et de bonnes idées de cocktails

J'ai les 3 spiritueux JNPR chez moi et je les utilise au gré de mes envies. J'apprécie ces boissons sans alcool qui ne sont pas sans goût et qui permettent de préparer de bons cocktails ou de les consommer simplement avec du Tonic ou de l'eau gazeuse.
Il y a beaucoup de recettes dans le e-livret et l'avantage de cette version en ligne, c'est que de nouvelles recettes peuvent s'ajouter. S'il me manque un ingrédient j'arrive souvent à adapter. C'est une autre façon de vivre l'apéritif, sans l'alcool.

M. Vincent Chevallier
Très intéressant !!!

Une jolie variété de cocktails ! Surtout un choix de boissons pas trop sucré !
Le « Spicy Fifty » et vraiment sympa !
Très bien !!!

Guillaume SAVIGNAT

Peu de recettes proposées avec le JNPR2. A développer. Merci

Tired of overly sweet alternatives?

“The bouquet of botanicals, quite present in the mouth, reveals exquisite flavors when combined with a good tonic or in a cocktail”

Le Figaro Magazine

Non-alcoholic spirits, is this possible?

Discover JNPR Collection

The JNPR Story

Discover JNPR Collection


What does JNPR mean?

JNPR pronounces itself "Juniper", in order to highlight the main ingredient of JNPR n°1, the juniper berry ("Juniper berry"), and the promise of a drink based on herbs and spices. In the blink of an eye to its specificity, the vowels disappeared, as did the alcohol.

Is JNPR n°1 a gin?

JNPR n°1 is not a gin. The bouquet of spices we use is similar to a traditional bouquet for a Gin, but we distill it differently.

How do you taste JNPR n°1, BTTR n°1 and JNPR n°2?

Our three references are intended for the preparation of cocktails. For JNPR n°1= Best served with tonic, ginger beer, or in cocktail. BTTR n°1 is served with sparkling water, or as a cocktail, especially for a Spritz or a reinvented Negroni. For JNPR n°2= Best served with tonic, ginger beer, or in cocktail. Direction for use: pour 1/4 of BTTR n°1 into your preparations. To help you prepare great cocktails, we have published several recipes on the COCKTAIL page of this website.

Is JNPR n°1 really sugar-free?

JNPR n°1 has NO sugar, and NO sweetener, which has been a strong commitment since the beginning, when we started working on the recipe.

Do JNPR n°1, BTTR n°1 and JNPR n°2 contain alcohol?

JNPR n°1, BTTR n°1, and JNPR n°2 contain 0.0% alc/vol.

What are your ingredients?

Non possiamo rivelare le nostre ricette nel senso del processo di fabbricazione, ma siamo completamente trasparenti sulle botaniche che utilizziamo nei nostri idrolati: Per JNPR n°1: Bacche di ginepro, coriandolo, peperoncino giamaicano, cannella, zenzero, cubeb, cardamomo verde, Quassia amarra, angelica semenza, mele. Per BTTR n°1: Genziana, scorza di china, arancia amara, arancia dolce, rabarbaro, liquirizia, cannella, succo di lime, sambuco. Per JNPR n°2: zenzero, cardamomo verde e pepe giamaicano, peperoncino. In caso di dubbio su questi ingredienti, vi invitiamo a consultare un operatore sanitario prima di qualsiasi consumo di JNPR n°1 e BTTR n°1.

Is it possible to drink JNPR n°1, BTTR n°1 and JNPR n°2 during pregnancy?

JNPR n°1, BTTR n°1 and JNPR n°2 contain 0.0% alcohol and there are no specific contraindications. Each woman being special, we publish the list of our ingredients above in this FAQ. If you are in doubt about the latter, we encourage you to consult a health professional before any consumption.

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