3 excellent alcohol-free cocktail recipes for your aperitifs

Do you receive friends? Do you want to unwind after a tiring day? In this article, we offer you 3 recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails. We have selected recipes that are easy to make with few ingredients, so that you can test these cocktails without complicating your life.

The advantage of JNPR n°1 is that it brings a lot of taste, without having to dose a lot, and that it does not add sugar or calories. 

These 3 recipes in particular have flavors that until now were very difficult to obtain with a mixture of classic juices.

Health ! Cheers!

The JNPR Mule

- 50 ml of JNPR n°1
- The juice of half a lime
- 100ml Ginger Beer
- Fresh mint to garnish

Fill a tall glass with ice cubes. Ice being really the secret of a successful cocktail, do not hesitate to fill your glass well.

Pour JNPR n°1 (our sugar-free and alcohol-free spirit), then the lime juice previously filtered if possible, and add the Ginger Beer. Decorate with a few mint leaves.

This cocktail is a variant of the famous Moscow Mule which is traditionally made with vodka, but it is very often made today also with Gin. For those who like spicy tastes and ginger, Ginger Beer goes perfectly well with JNPR n°1.

Are you more tempted by bitterness? Try our BeTTR, a very easy to make cocktail with a pronounced bitterness.


- 30 ml of BTTR n°1
- 90 ml of very cold sparkling water
- A slice of grapefruit

Pour in BTTR n°1 (our non-alcoholic spirit which is a special collaboration with an Italian distillery), add sparkling water and garnish with a slice of grapefruit before serving.

Sparkling water must be very cold for a successful cocktail.

This cocktail will appeal to lovers of Spritz and Italian aperitifs, who will find the bitterness of the latter, in a lighter version.

Don't like sparkling drinks or cocktails? We suggest you not to add bubbles, and to discover the Apple Not MRTN!

Apple Not MRTN

- 40 ml of JNPR n°1
- 20ml apple juice
- 30 ml of fresh lemon juice
- 20 ml of sugar syrup (according to your taste)

Pour JNPR n°1 , the apple juice, the fresh filtered lemon juice and the sugar syrup into a shaker filled with ice cubes. Mix vigorously then strain everything into a glass. The sugar syrup gives thickness to this cocktail.

JNPR n°1 containing apple in reference to its Norman origins, the blend of flavors is particularly successful, with the slight acidity of apple and lemon and the roundness of sugar syrup.

Enjoy these tasty cocktails during aperitifs with friends, without any other consequence! The idea of ​​Valérie, the founder, is to offer more choice for the aperitif, which is a moment that she particularly appreciates, but not systematically or necessarily with alcohol.

Our name, JNPR, comes from "Juniper berries", the juniper berry in English, which is the main ingredient of JNPR n°1 but also that of Gin. We removed the vowels, as we removed the alcohol from our recipes, but our idea is to keep the promise of a sophisticated taste based on plants and spices.

The aperitif, in healthier mode!

Don't hesitate to give us feedback on these cocktails! We wish you a good time with JNPR.

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